Friday, January 22, 2016

Cooking is More Than Just Food

Our county 4-H hosts a Favorite Food's Day Competition each year. 
While I have not had members able to participate for quite some time, this year may be different.  The day offers several ways to take part..table settings, cake decorating, preserved foods, etc.
The kidnicks can prepare one food item (meeting certain criteria) and present it on a table setting of their own creation. 
It is a reminder that when cooking for your family, friends or just yourself, eating can and should be an experience. 
Making the time to create a pretty space to eat should be part of the ritual.
 After the food is tasted and setting scored, the members are then interviewed by judges and awards are given.
It is a great opportunity for these young people to hone some life skills and have fun as well.
I invited a former cooking member who has participated in FFD to share her experience with the kids.
She did a great job describing how to set a table, answered questions and offered some tricks of the trade as well.
It was fun to watch this young lady, who was a little girl just yesterday, speak and teach.
When W. left, we made homemade biscuits. 
 I use this recipe which I discovered 6 years ago from a blogger friend, Amee at Klutzy Mama.
Amee is in the midst of a move and busy, but has begun blogging again which makes me happy.
As usual, I neglected taking photos of the cooking process. 
Suffice it to say, after two batches of biscuits and 5 kidnicks, there were none left!
(I did bag one for each to take home, but the rest were devoured the moment they emerged from the oven. Not sure the parents appreciate that before dinner, though.)
While the biscuits were baking and the devouring taking place, each kiddo created their own table setting in the size allotted at FFD. 
They played around with napkin folding as well.
 It was a meeting at which the kids lingered and the parents visited.
It was a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!
Wish I could take the time to make beautiful place settings for our evening meal. I do good to get it prepared, eaten, mess cleaned in time for bed. LoL