Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A "How on Earth???" for Your Wednesday.

Imagine yourself as a travel agent sitting at your desk in the office to the right of the awning one May morning in 1993, minding your own business.
 A commotion is heard and as you look up, you notice that your car is UNDERNEATH another car across the street.
In the parking lot.
Not adjacent to a road.
Seems a couple hit their gas rather than the brake and went airborne across the curb and landed where they remained until the firemen came from the other end of the parking lot and finished scratching their heads.
Thankfully no one was hurt and it did make the front page of the newspaper!
The funny thing about it was that these city lots were riddled for YEARS with trees leaning precariously and whose roots wrecked havoc on the pavement and curbs.
I always parked in front of this particular stump because I felt it safer than under a sad looking droopy branched pine tree.
Tells you what I knew.


Michelle said...

That sounds like such a crazy accident!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Yeah, that's a head scratcher.
Last Tuesday I went to get pizza, no problems, but coming back 15 min later there was pick up truck on it's side. As I arrived there were teenage boys climbing out of the drivers window. Thankfully the only thing hurt was the truck and maybe teenage pride, but it definitely had me scratching my head wondering just how that happened.