Friday, December 18, 2015

Peppermint Hot Chocolate on a Stick

LPP is taking her final final of her first semester of college this morning.
 It has flown by and so many wonderful things are happening on this path she is navigating. 
One of those things is new friends.
  She has two terrific roommates and  a couple other honorary roommates who always "have her back".
They stand up for one another...the help each other and they laugh...and laugh.
I wanted to send a little something to each young lady for Christmas and thought these would be just the ticket for them to take home and enjoy..
Peppermint Mallows, stacked on dark chocolate ganache, dipped in more chocolate and sprinkled with crushed candy canes.
Stir into hot milk and the theory is you have a delectable, winter treat. 
I left LPP's here.
She has to come home to enjoy

These sound labor intensive...they do take time, but aren't very difficult.
I will brush the chocolate on next time....dipping it, for me, looking clumpy, although a smaller bowl to allow the dipping chocolate to be deeper would have helped.
The recipe can be found here.  
Please don't compare the photos, though.

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Michelle said...

Wow....what a treat!