Thursday, December 31, 2015

Around the World in one Evening

One of the items in SPF's stocking last week were tickets to the Global Winter Wonderland in a nearby town.
The advertisements on the radio and TV had been intriguing.
"Travel around the world in one night".
Okey Dokey.
We were sold.
We arrived before dark and wandered around looking and these giant inflated statue thingies. 
The logistics of moving this set up must be intense...
Maybe that is why it stays for weeks at a time.
We visited Venice and Easter Island as well as navigating a maze of dinosaurs.

Once the sun went down, each display began to light up. 
At that point, it really was petty cool.
We wandered through Holland and Russia...

...England and Africa...

Where else can you visit Egypt and America in one fell swoop....AND have a photo with King Tut, the Pyramids of Giza AND the White House in the same frame?

 We meandered through the carnival and watched a live show. 
It was small, but the acts were pretty talented. 
 In fact, one group from West Africa had also appeared on America's Got Talent.
All in all, a nice couple of hours spent.

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Michelle said...

Pretty cool, I have to say!! Have a Happy New Year!!!