Monday, December 21, 2015

Advent - Week 3 - 2015

Good Golly, Miss Molly.
We are nearly at the end of the Advent Season.
 On one hand it has sped past, but on the other, each day has been calm and savored.
The help I received this year from LPP and her friends was fantastic...sometimes my old brain just can't think outside of the box.
My old brain also can not figure out how to flip two of these photos right side up.
Day 14
Text Melissa and wish her a good day!
When Sarah's best friend moved away last summer SPF was as sad as everyone.
Melissa is such a sweet young lady who always has time for little sisters.
Sending her a message made it better AND the smile on our youngest's face when she received the response was priceless.

Day 15
Go to Spoons after School and treat someone to a frozen yogurt.
Who doesn't love a special sweet treat after school and leaving a gift card for someone else to find is even better.

Make CARE package for Mo and mail it.
Melissa was the topic around here this week.  
She and her family should be receiving her package in snowbound South Dakota later today. 
Write 5 cards, complimenting someone about their personality and mail them.
This was a fun one for me to watch. 
SPF took this task seriously and I found the people she chose to be interesting. 
Not those closest to her, but people who have touched her in some way in her life.
Make popcorn and cranberry garland for olive trees.
She had never done this before.
I must say that I several of these tasks have reminded me that having one child at home is a lot less crazy.
When we had two high schoolers at home, I fear I neglected some of the small, fun things with our youngest. 
We definitely made some memories this year.

Take flowers to Tyler and Chris’ gravesites.
I was so happy to see that there were flowers on Chris' and his Grandma's grave. 
We made it just as the rain began.

Walk through Hun’s neighborhood looking at Christmas lights
Walking through a neighborhood rather than driving to look at lights was fun. . 
Having it occur with all 5 of us was perfect.
We visited, joked and enjoyed each other.

 Hot Apple Cider in the crockpot greeted us as we came home.
Nice ending. 

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