Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Advent - Week 2 - 2015

I can hardly believe that the second week of Advent has already passed. 
It was a good week that offered some much needed rain and we are cherishing each moment.
Here is what greeted our girl this week.
(If you reside in Norway or Japan...reading further might give a secret away.)
Day 7
Call LPP at 745am and wish her a good Monday
Nothing better than calling your favorite sister before school.
Day 8
Shop for Finals' CARE packages for College students in need.
I ordered some special cookies in addition and packaged them up to mail near and far. 
Hopefully finals will all go well.
Make and mail a Christmas card to Aunt Molly & Aunt Zumi.

Make bird feeders from pinecones, peanut butter and seed
This task had her cheering! 
So simple and apparently something she has been wanting to do.
Yes, she did hang them herself in the rain.
And loved every minute.
Make your friend’s ornaments

Some glass ornaments and craft paint swirled and shaken. 
These are a lot of fun to make.
And so pretty when they are completed.
Tour the ZaludHouse by candlelight tonight with Mom and Dad
This was such a fun evening.
This historic home is always fascinating, but during Christmas and at night, it is magical. 
The table is set and ready for Christmas Dinner and Christmas music was being played on the piano and later in the evening a flute as well.
These tours will occur next Friday and Saturday as well, if anyone close is interested.

Make your teacher's Christmas gift
Week three is well under way.
Week 1 - 2015






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Michelle said...

I would love to tour that old house at this time of year.