Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent - Week 1 2015

I enlisted LPP and her college friends' help in coming up with new things to put in SPF's Advent Calendar. 
I did bribe them with homemade treats and they came through, but I think they would have without the goodies. 
Here is what Week One consisted of.

Day 1
Welcome "Kallie with a K" into the family with a warm bowl of milk.
"Kallie with a K" came to live with us on Thanksgiving night. 
She was discovered abandoned in the garage at my Hubby's family ranch.
 She is a cutie and has the big German Shepherd dog taking care of her like a love sick puppy.
Day 2
Make a box of snowflakes for a specific someone.
This has yet to be done...but we talk about it daily.
I didn't plan very well
Day 3
Read a Christmas Book with Mom or Dad in front of the fire.
She read the Little Match Girl  from a child's Christmas book and it is much less dark than the original.
Day 4
Treat someone to a Redbox movie tonight.
We put a couple dollars in a Christmas card and taped it to the screen with a wish that whoever finds the card will enjoy a movie from us.
We then spied from the car until someone claimed it.
Sadly, a silly car parked in front of me so the picture is a bit obscured.
Day 5
Make a red and green paper chain.
This was a winner.
We sat on the couch together
watching a Christmas movie and in no time had a lovely chain to hang.

Day 6
Celebrate St. Nicholas Day by doing a Random Act of Kindness
This was another winner.
I taught her about St. Nicholas and why this day is celebrated in much of the world.
We talked about how the traditions we have in this country originated from the past.
She knew what she wanted to do, so we headed to Starbucks. 
 I bought a small gift card and we visited over our own cup of coffee and chocolate. 
 When we left, we placed the gift card on the table for the next people to discover.
Do you or have you done an Advent Calendar? 
 How do you do yours?

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