Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Look Back

On this Christmas Eve, we will be sharing an Italian Feast with my parents and sister (and her family).
Tonight's dinner will be missing my nephew, who is unable to be here. 
Being an intern for the Los Angeles Lakers makes it impossible and while I know his Mom, Dad and sister will be feeling his absence profoundly, I also know they are proud of what he is accomplishing in his personal and professional life.
He will be home in a couple days and THEN the party will start!
Christmas Eve has changed over the past couple years and I now host it rather than my parents, but tomorrow night we will be back at Mom and Dad's in our jammies if we want, eating turkey sandwiches. 
And they are the best food of the Christmas Season anyway. 
 The one thing that doesn't change on Christmas Eve is the love and respect we share for each other as a family.
We enjoy those who are present and talk about those who aren't. 
My nephew's ears may be burning in a bit. 
We share stories and tell a few tales.
We are a small, but diverse group who always comes together in love and family. 
It is one of the best things about us.
As we go through this life, people will pass from our family table.
In some cases, due to unchangeable circumstances, like my nephew.
In other cases God has called them away, like my mother in law.
Looking back and remembering can aid in the missing.
Shall we?
December 24, 2014
Music has such power.
Love these guys. 
December 24, 2013
Taking the Christmas card photo has not always been my favorite task, but they have been memorable.
The ones that didn't make the cut are even better!
December 24, 2012
Nothing like poetry that has stood the test of time.
December 24, 2011
I posed a question to my oldest and youngest offspring the other day...
"What if I made something different for Christmas morning breakfast?"
 They both attacked me as if I had suggested we jump into an alligator filled pond.
I received the same response from our middle child as well.
 Traditions and memories are important.
 Looking at this post, I see LPP preparing our traditional Christmas morning breakfast.
French Toast Strata it will be.
December 24, 2010
This was a fun memory...
I still remembering finding icing on the counter for weeks!
Good thing none of us are in construction in real life.
December 28, 2009
I will never forget these dog biscuits
They were cute and we packaged some up to include for our neighbors.
One neighbor didn't read the label...or notice the dog bone shape and ate them.
But his hair is shiny and he hasn't had a flea since. 
Happy Thursday...and Christmas Eve.

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