Monday, November 16, 2015

Thornton Part 3...The End

The "Festa Season" runs from May-ish through the middle of October.
 The queen's reign lasts one year, beginning and ending with their home town celebration. 
SPF represents Pismo Beach and their festivities are in August. 
So basically, we begin attending parades in August of 2015 through August 2016. 
While it is officially a year, the parades are only for a 6 month period in all.
 These celebrations are throughout California. 
Idaho has one and I know there are quite a few on the East Coast, but for us, California is it. 
We are able to pick and choose which weekends are best for us and go when we can. 
 Pismo Beach also has a Senior Queen.
We don't always attend the same parades as she does.
 That way Pismo is represented at more locations. 
 Make sense?
 I am just grasping the whole concept myself. 
Anyway, we are done until May. 
The last celebration on this calendar year was Thornton. 
  You can see what I have written about it here and here.
This parade is different than those we have been involved with thus far. 
There were GOBS of people. 
This is my sister in law's favorite Festa and we have heard about it for years from others as well. 
Queens and banners and flags from all over the state waiting to begin.
Capes being guarded from wayward steps.    
 A lot of hurry up and wait.    
Lining up for the parade in the order that was being announced on the loudspeakers was a bit impossible.
I am sure there is another way to manage that, but I am not going to volunteer so I won't complain too much.
We waited until there was a gap and snuck in.
We were right behind the band which was terrific. 
Once SPF (and her father and brother) determined how much distance was desired between she and the flag bearers, we were off.
People watching the parade want to read the flag and see where each queen is from.
 If they are lumped together with no space between, it is difficult.
It also makes certain moms nervous when there is not a lot of space between the end of a cape and the shoes following.
 This parade meanders through residential neighborhoods...many that are tree lined and lovely.
People had their lawn chairs set up in front of their homes and showed their appreciation.
It was nice.

From time to time, the parade would come to a standstill.
Not sure what up ahead made it occur, but it is just like a traffic jam.

Once we left the neighborhood making our way back to the Hall, vendors lined the street.
This girl keeps a smile on her face and looks from one side of the road to the other.
Just like a real Queen.

The best part?
This smile. 
Until next year.

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