Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The People We Meet

As I go through this wonderful life, I sometimes find the turns it takes and the makes people make on it astounding. 
 I remember way back when to the time I was in my20's...just barely. 
 I had made some ding bat decisions and was still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted. 
I had graduated from travel school, which was one of the BEST decisions I made, been hired for a 3 month trial basis in Fresno and not rehired. 
 I moved home.
I was not a very nice person...especially to my parents. 
Cringeworthy now. 
 BUT, I digress.
 I remember working on my resume and walking into Argonaut Travel.
That day changed my life.
 The owner welcomed me and hired me. 
 I knew a bit of her but not a lot.
She had been one of the travel agents in charge of the European Band trip I was on in high school. Her youngest daughter and I went to school together, but never knew each other.  
At the moment, all I knew was that she hired me and I had a job!
 Doing what would become a career I loved.
What I did not know is that not only had she welcomed me into her office, she welcomed me into her family. 
She stood by patiently supportive as she watched my biggest ding bat move weasel his way through my life.
She also (along with my parents) cheered silently when that move exited my life.
 She trusted me.
She put me in charge, with another daughter, and sent me to Austria.
I returned with my soul mate.
 She still takes credit, as well she should. 
Her youngest daughter and I have become more than best friends over the years.
Her eldest son got married recently and he and his new bride included us in their small ceremony.  The wedding  and reception took place in her Grandma's yard and I must say the entire experience was wonderful.  
There were small details throughout the event that made huge impacts.
 Robi was escorted to her seat by her two sons and I don't think she stopped smiling the entire evening. 
After V and E were married, they stood together as the toasts were made.
Some funny...some tear rendering, but all from the heart. 
This young couple has been together since they were children...not too many years after this was taken....well, maybe a few. 
They have grown into amazing, God loving, kind adults who make a mark on all those they come in contact with. 
I reminded Robi that V & E are who they are in large part because of who she is.
Further proof that everyone we meet in life has the potential to alter us in some way.
What a blessing.

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