Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rain + Sugar Plum Fairy = Giddiness

The lack of rain and the water restrictions we have placed upon ourselves has led to a dead lawn. 
With the promise of a storm yesterday, my sweet husband  scraped the yard to get rid of some low spots with the hope that rain would settle the dust and if the Bermuda grass ever makes a comeback, it will be nice and even...a win win.
 I made LPP run across the yard before school...the dust clouds she left cracked me up.
Fast forward to yesterday afternoon.
The dust was wonderfully replaced with puddles.

Puddles to bike through and jump in.
 There is NOTHING better to play in for this girl.
I cared not for the mud on her clothes.
Encrusting her bike.
Or in her hair.
There is just something magical and joyful with the combination.

  Can you feel the happiness oozing from her being?

   What a perfect afternoon!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

So nice to see the rain and the joy on your daughter's face!