Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Wells

As you are no doubt sick and tired of hearing, we are still in a drought. 
 The rain we have had and are forecast to have this winter is a Godsend and we are grateful beyond words.
There is a bit of snow in the mountains and if this continues, the lakes may fill and ground water may be replenished.
We continue to pray. 
 I remember not so long ago when seeing a water drilling rig going down the road was a novelty. Now, they are commonplace.
 I thought it might be interesting for you to see what it looks like in a one square mile block in our world.  
New water wells within the last 15 months or so...many more recent than that.
The left side of this first photo are our walnuts.
The first two arrows represent our new well and the neighbor directly across from us.
The third in a huge well behind them.
The homes behind the trees on the right,have wells drying up like crazy.
Not sure how many are actually drilling yet, but I know many are having water delivered to them several times a week.
This photo picks up where the first one left off. 
There is a new well being dug now...you might be able to just see the operation. 
The right side of this photo ends at our trees.
The last arrow represents our other neighbor's new well.
As I was typing this, SPF was reading over my shoulder and reminding me of other rigs we have seen.
I didn't go back to add more arrows.
This is depressing enough!

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Michelle said...

So sorry to hear it continues to be such a struggle.