Monday, November 9, 2015

Marshmallow Making and Farming

SPF and I created S'More Marshmallows recently to be included in an auction basket for her school. They were so yummy, she asked if I would make them for her class to enjoy on her birthday. 
Sure thing. 
We have made marshmallows before using Ina Garten's recipe with great ease and success. 
 For the S'Mores, we added about 6 ounces of mini chocolate ships at the last second of beating. Done at the right moment, you end up with pretty swirled mallows. 
If you beat them a nanosecond too long, the chips melt completely and make uniform colored mallows. 
Yummy either way...
We sprinkled a few more chips on top and dusted with powdered sugar
After cutting the marshmallows we rolled the cut sides in crushed graham crackers. 
 For the class, I dipped a lollipop stick in melted chocolate and stabbed it into the center for easy eating.
Apparently they were a hit.
The platter had not a crumb left.
I ran across this video last week and thought it apropos. 

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Michelle said...

I have considered making marshmallows before, but just haven't done it! Your look delicious!