Friday, November 13, 2015

Flower Press

 When my sister and I were little, we had a flower press and loved it!
  It was two pieces of wood sandwiching pieces of cardboard and held together with bolts.
I have been looking for one since last Christmas to no avail. 
I wanted simple and inexpensive. 
 The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that I could make my own. 
 So I did.
  Our youngest adores nature and presses flowers all the time in my books. 
 That works, but I wanted something just for her. 
 A package of square cake boards at Hobby Lobby were found and I went from there. 
I had a nice young man cut two squares of wood for me at Lowes,  grabbed the bolts, wing nuts and washers and away I went. 
 I drilled holes in the corners of the boards as well as through the cardboard squares and then sanded and stained the wood. 
I  received a Silhouette Stencil Cutter machine as a gift and set out to make some custom stencils. 
I used a whole sheet of sticker paper for this and it worked like a charm.


Some extra paint that matches SPF's dresser was perfect to stamp on.. 
When everything was dry, it was as simple and assembling everything  
I did add wax paper between some of the cardboard as well. 
The end project?
I am so pleased and our girl was  thrilled!
She already has two zinnias and a snapdragon being pressed. 
This morning, she came to me and said,
"I know I shouldn't have looked yet, but I did.  The flowers already look so pretty! Thank you!"
Made me happy.


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