Monday, November 2, 2015

Festa Memories

I have mentioned before that this whole Festa/Celebration/Queen has been and is continuing to be a learning experience. 
Lots of details.
 Lots of unknowns along the way which for this creature of unchanging habits, has been a challenge.
 I knew that many of these Festas would include our older kidnicks as well. 
LPP was my saver of everything in Pismo Beach and I am happy that she will be home for most of the remaining Festas in the spring and summer. 
 I knew that Chris had offered to be a flag bearer as often as he could. 
 What I had not really thought about were the bonds that would be strengthened between older siblings and our youngest.
For much of her life, SPF has been hauled to basketball games.
 Baseball games.
Golf matches. 
4-H events.
Award Ceremonies.
Always events for her older siblings. 
 This is the first time events are solely based around the youngest.
And her brother and sister are proud of her.
When this is all over next August, we will look at the pictures and remember experiences. 
 But the connections between brother and sisters
will be the memories engraved on our hearts.
(These pics were all taken at the Thtornton Festa)


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