Friday, November 6, 2015

Costumes Past and Present

LPP has been gone from our home since the middle of August. 
We were able to spend a few days with her last month, but she has not been home.
  While she is missed like crazy, we know all is good and she is happy. 
 We tried to raise her to do what she is doing. 
It's all good, except we miss her. 
As I was taking Halloween pics of SPF last week, the missing daughter was missed even more. 
She was almost always side by side with her sister or brother.
This year she was side by side with a new friend dressed as "Prospective College Students"
They had fun.
I'm okay.
Meanwhile, back at the Nuthouse, our youngest was ready for a masquerade ball.
I have been sorting through boxes and boxes of photos and trying to organize them.
As I was doing this, I ran across costumes that our kidnicks have worn over the past 2 decades.
Yes, I just choked as I typed that!
2 decades!!!
The first costume for our child was Shaggy.
AKA Chris.
This was back in the day when I was young, naïve and under the misguided impression that I could and SHOULD do everything.
He was a cute, lion though.
Hands down, my favorite was LPP as a hydrangea. 
Her brother was the proud and silly jester.
When we lived in town, the kids trick or treated in our small cul-de-sac and then sat in the doorway manning the candy duties.
I loved that!

Now we hit my parents' neighborhood and hand out candy from their house. 
LPP's costume in 2nd grade was one of my favorites.
She was such an adorable little old lady!

I am all about making costumes or using what we have if possible and this cow and cowgirl combo was perfect.
Chris' Jack Sparrow costume was another favorite and has been used on numerous occasions.
AND SPF was able to wear her brother's modified lion costume!
SPF has already decided that she wants to be a scarecrow next year.
LPP's Wilma costume was one that we bought at the last minute. 
 She decided not to wear it to school on Halloween though and was extremely glad.
Turns out her band teacher was dressed as Fred.
She would have been mortified.
I laughed at the thought.
She did not.

Looking at these pics makes me a bit melancholy.
Although, THAT will be remedied tonight!
Our girl is coming HOME for the weekend!
SPF is a year older and our college girl gets to celebrate with us.
Pretty fantastic day!

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