Monday, November 23, 2015


Do you ever have a weekend where you feel as though you accomplished EVERYTHING you had on your list?
It rarely happens around here, but this was one of them.
It might have something to do with the fact that our college girl is going to be home for 5 days!  FIVE WHOLE DAYS. 
Well, more like 4 1/2, but I'll take it.
 AND relish every moment. 
 The planning part of me emerged in full force and while I get ribbed about that quality...
because of it...
I will NOT be in the frantic, cranky, cleaning, cooking, laundry mode while she is home this time. I'm done.
The kitchen cabinets cleaned and the only Christmas décor I allow myself before Thanksgiving is up.
The hampers are least for another hour or so.
The Operation Christmas Child boxes have been delivered.
Today is the final day for drop off, so you still have time.
The freezer has been stocked with favorite Orangeworks Ice Cream.

The freezer has also been filled with items for breakfast and lunches while she is home.
Dinners are taken care of with Thanksgiving both Wednesday and Thursday nights, elsewhere and my contributions are nearly finished in that arena.
She requested, of all things, ribs for those are waiting in the wings.
Pumpkin Pie Spice Marshmallows have been made to deliver to college friends.
I set them all to task for me with the promise of a treat.
They went above and beyond and I can hardly wait to meet them all tomorrow.
SPF and I are heading to Pismo later today to spend the night before meeting up with our girl in the morning.
She has had her morning classes cancelled and fingers are crossed that her afternoon one will be as well, but doesn't hold out much hope.
Regardless, I am ready and chomping at the bit!

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