Saturday, November 21, 2015

Books AND Steps

Oh, how I miss this bookcase. 
It was in our first home...which my hubby designed from the ground up and we had built on a tremendously large lot in town.
 The rest of the house was pretty great too.
 The laundry room was enormous with a sink and long counter.
 I do miss the house...but it was in town and we were ready to be in the country.
Anyway...the bookshelf.
When we looked at the house we are in now, I remember talking about building shelves at that time. 
One thing led to another and affording this place led to dinners of beans and rice for awhile.
Then life happened.
There were other priorities and I didn't think seriously about bookshelves for years.
 Until this summer when I came across the shelves that had either been in my Grandparents' or parents' home.
The wheels began turning again. 
Beans and rice had recently been reintroduced as a mainstay, so I didn't want to spend much money.  I convinced my hubby to let me utilize a blank wall in our living room. 
Away, I went.
I taped up the wall with the shelf lengths I had on hand and sent pictures to my mom and sister.  Between them, my hubby and kiddos, we came up with the placement.
With the number of books and knick knacks, we needed to have every track anchored into a stud.
My hubby took care of that for me.
I found the brackets at our local, independent hardware store...they are THE best... and promptly purchased all they had. 
The only decision I had to make at this point was should I run out the big box store and grab the rest  I needed to finish or wait for a week.
I opted to wait and support or local store. 
They definitely deserve it.
By waiting, I was  able to live with some of the shelves for a bit and think...and rearrange.
It also gave me time to sort through shoe boxes of photos and have them mostly organized in pretty boxes.
Now that I am done, I am thrilled. 
 It still needs some tweaking and cords need to be hidden, but for now it is doing what I had hoped.  
  The framed picture of my great grandparents' home sits above the Indian basket from Aunt Nells' ranch and the fossils we collected in....where else...Fossil.
Books AND steps are my thing.

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