Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birthday Food Made Special.

Birthdays in our home are celebrated.
Often times for several days. 
SPF has lucked out the past two years in that special weddings were also planned . 
Last year, we spent her day here.
This year, because of another wedding, her sister was able to come home from college. 
Wonder who is going to get married NEXT year?
Anyway, food and family always are a huge part of birthdays.
And the birthday person gets to choose.
I must say SPF's choices were pretty fantastic.
She began the day with Flying Apple Flapjack which has been a favorite in the house for years.
We started with Spaghetti Casserole for dinner and her brother was able to join us. 
When LPP arrived, we sang while SPF blew out her candles. 
 She had requested Lemon Tassies instead of cake. 
My dilemma was figuring out how to put candles in these tine treats. 
 The giant marshmallows we made did the trick nicely.
Sunday brunch for our little family had been planned and I wanted the table to memorable and for her.
I borrowed several ideas from Magnolia Farms.
Place cards are so simple and welcoming, but make one feel special and honored.
A little time, some mismatched bottles and snipping greenery from the olive trees and boxwood hedge was all it took.
They even look pretty upside down!
I also used another tip from the brilliant Gaines duo.
I hollowed out three of the mini pumpkins SPF and I had purchased at the coast and coated them with wax.
Instead of plants, I simply stuck a fall bloom in each and was done. 
Easy Peasy.

 Brunch was to be simple.
As requested, I made another favorite, Apple French Toast Strata
The fruit of choice were pears sprinkled with the birthday girl's favorite...pomegranates.

 Chris had stepped out to bring back a surprise.
So thoughtful.

 This was indeed a fun filled weekend with good food and great family & friends.
I think she would agree.



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