Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Look Back

November 19, 2014
When I prepare for this Look Back post each week, I simply find the appropriate day in the archives. 
As this post from last year popped up about two of my favorite ladies, I was caught off guard.
I was awash with both joy and sadness. 
The sadness is that Tia Rosie is the only one left with us. 
But the joy...oh the joy of these two ladies together. 
Their love...their kindness...their laughter.
I can still feel and hear it.

November 19. 2013
I wonder what our forefathers would think of what is occurring in this country today.
I fear they would not be proud nor pleased for the most part.

November 19, 2012
Family trees and family history is so interesting to me. 
 I am fortunate to be able have lots of fun and interesting information on both of my Grandmothers' sides.
Next stop, my Paternal Grandfather's side.
I have heard that German genealogy is trickier than some.
 But, I'm diving in soon.
Any tips?

November 19, 2011
Going against the grain is what I enjoy in some areas...others, I am a staunch stickler for the rules.
 I also get made fun of that fact from some of the people in my life.
Receiving something that has thought and meaning behind it makes me happy and I hope it does for others as well.
What is you favorite gift you have given?
Happy Thursday

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