Friday, October 16, 2015

Thunder and Lightning

When I was a little girl, my sister and I used to have Thunder and Lightening Parties on our front porch with our mom. 
These parties, included date-nut bread and butter sandwiches and sitting in the dark. 
 Once in awhile, when we lived on the Forest Service Compound in Upper Lake, our neighbor would walk past our house on his way to the office for fire-fighting duties. 
His house was the one in the foreground...follow the sidewalk and ours was the middle one...
The office was on the left side of the photo where the RV is parked. 
I remember thinking it was so much fun to call out from the dark porch,
"Hi, Mr. Brown!"
 and watching him jump. 
 I'm not certain he thought it was much fun to be scared in the dead of night, in a lightening storm by the boss' daughters. 
The BEST place to watch storms was at my Grandma's house in Dunsmuir. 
The town is built in a canyon and her home sits on a hill on one side.
The thunder echoed like nobody's business. 
While my Mom loves lightening  and thunder storms, I think she probably made them into parties so her girls would not be afraid of them.
It worked.
Wednesday night, we had a doozy! 
 There was not much rain along with it, but the thunder and lightening went on from about 10:00pm until just before 7:00am! 
 I woke up to the lightening about midnight and woke my Hubby up.
He was not impressed.
Or amused.
Nor did he get up to join my party.
Sugar Plum Fairy did.
On a school night.
I'm a bad Mom. 
 I have never seen one so intense...loud and bright.
There were times our eyes hurt from the brightness of strikes and the thunder rumbled continuously. 
A short period of time with high winds even took the two pair of jeans on the clothesline into the orchard. 
And yes, I traipsed out between storm cells to retrieve them at 3:00am.
 It really was something.
 I attempted to take photos, but this is all I was able to capture.
 Then there is this one.
Impressive, huh?
Yup, I'm lame.
Check these out from others in our area who had greater success.
The morning dawned bright and cheerful...
As I am typing this (Thursday evening), more thunder and some sprinkles are occurring.
Guess I better go get the Re-washed jeans off the line!

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