Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This One Hurts a Bit

There is just something special about the child that made you a parent. 
There is no other person in the world that that can be said about. 
 Having a son was what I had prayed for all of my life.


Maybe because I always wanted an older brother.
 Who knows.
God did.

When Chris was in high school, we didn't always have the best relationship.
Being very much alike and at least two of us being VERY stubborn, created moments that made me wonder what was God thinking and what was I doing.
My Mom told me she even took back the statement she had made when I was a teen...
"I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU!"
I questioned my every move.
I pushed and he pushed back.

BUT as I look back on the years he has been our son, and the young man he is,  I am in awe. 
 I am proud at the hard worker he is.
 I am humbled by his compassionate heart and his true and strong sense of family.

He feels more deeply than would appear at first glance.

 And he likes his Mama again. 

Today, our baby boy...our first born child turns 21.
People always told me that kids grow up in a flash. 
 As each of ours have grown older, I thought I understood that. 
But 21?
It is different.
It hurts a little.
It is exciting, but 21 hurts..
So before I ruin this keyboard with my tears, I will close with this poem from a favorite book,

Twenty One
We've shared your childhood, you and I;
Now a young adult,
you are ready to fly.

The world is changing,
The future is yours;
Your zeal and diligence
Will open doors.

I've taught you the difference
Between right and wrong;
Your own life's lessons
Will succeed my song.

I had in my mind
Your destiny,
You did it your way,
As it should be.

I'm so very proud
To be your mother;
You warm my heart
As no other.

Stay true to yourself,
And follow your dreams;
I'm here for you always,
But you have been weaned.
I thought it might be fun to check out what I wrote about this man on his birthday since I began blogging. 
NOW, talk about tears. 


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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness...this one had me crying. They grow up so fast and with a teenager myself now, I can relate to the struggles. Your son has turned into a fine young man, so you were doing it right, mama!