Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More Adults? Already?

IF you happen to be a female twin celebrating your birthday today, read no further until you check your mailbox...apparently packages take 2 days longer to reach you than your brother.
With LPP turning 18 in April and Chris turning 21 earlier this month, I was made painfully aware that time truly does march on.
Whether or not I like it.
These two are simply the latest additions to that fact. 
They are 6 months to the day, younger than our daughter. 
They have grown up with our kidnicks.
Look...the steps.
They are no longer the cute little twins they once were. 
 They are 18 years old today.
Beautiful and handsome.
Inside and out.
They are wonderful and individual adults.
They are each in separate colleges and loving it. 
I am loving the fact that I get to send them birthday treats...
AND their Mom does not have to clean up the confetti mess.
Happy 18th Birthday to two of my favorite people!
Pic blatantly "borrowed" from their Dad's FB page.

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