Friday, October 2, 2015

Little Things That Matter

The news of senseless murders in Oregon yesterday broke my heart.
It broke my heart for the parents who lost a child.
It broke my heart that a completely normal school day could be so utterly shattered. 
Rather that worrying myself into a tizzy over something I couldn't control,  I found myself noticing the small things in my life that are good.
The M & M Cookies that I baked and mailed after a favorite college student of mine made a request.
The mug that we had given my mother-in-law years ago that now resides in our cupboard.
I had forgotten about it.  Shaggy was indeed Shaggy at his 8th grade graduation with Baba.

 Wedding dresses that my Mom made my sister and I hanging on the line.
I still remember wearing them.
The wedding was in the church we would both eventually be married in.

The simple fact that I am FINALLY learning that if I am not enjoying a book, I can STOP reading it in the middle, return it to the library and get more.
No one will judge me!
The first day all year that every window was open in the house with a breeze blowing though.
 It finally felt like Autumn.

What little things are YOU thankful for today?


Michelle said...

I am thankful for a week off from work. Next week is Fall Break for us. I have a new book series, it starts with Silent in the Grave, that I am really enjoying. I have some time for walks and a bit of sleeping late.....

Anonymous said...

Bloggy friends that remind me to stop and pay attention to the little things that matter. Thank you!!