Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cooking Lesson #1 is in the Books!

I must say that I was a bit nervous prior to the meeting. 
 I was confident in my ability, but having only seen the list of kidnicks signed up, I never know what to expect.
  I knew two boys very well and a girl a little but. 
The others were a mystery. 
 As it turned out, the mystery kidnicks didn't make it.
I rarely remember to take photos during the meeting...I am too worried about fingers being cut off or hair catching fire or some other calamity.
These, in all honesty, were staged while waiting for a Mom to arrive. 
Will catch the boys next time..
 The kids learned how to make Marinara Sauce (I follow thisrecipe except no fennel seeds and I used honey instead of sugar) from scratch as well as Focaccia. 
They then transformed them into mini pizzas.  
A mummy and  a headless horseman. 
The headless horseman began its life as a smiley face until it fell off my spatula and landed face down. 
Anyway, I had fun and I hope the kiddos did as well.  

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