Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Wonderful Weekend

LPP had 4 days off for her Fall Break last weekend. 
She took a 2 hour train ride and we picked her up at the coast. 
It was wonderful.
Chris and Hubby were only able to stay until Sunday night, but I pulled our youngest from school and stayed until Tuesday!
 Chris had a friend in a college reining competition at the nearby University, so we headed out to watch. 
There were teams from Stanford, Davis, Cal Poly, College of the Sequoias, among others.

It was interesting and fun, but with record heat, we didn't stay all day. 
Watching our girl peek over each stable door was fun, as was her trying to make friends with this ginormous barn cat. 
Don't think it misses many meals.

Jocko's was our dinner choice and as usual, it never disappoints. 
The flame grilled steaks are cooked to perfection and SPF deemed their raviolis the best she has ever had!
Monday was spent with just us girls. 
After a run on the beach, LPP shared these pics. 
Seems the waves had been extra large and powerful, washing sand away in ways we had not seen before.
Giving into my girls' request to visit a bookstore was an easy decision. 
 There is nothing quite like your 10 year old taking a deep breath as the door opens and stating,
 "I LOVE the smell of books".
 I could not agree more.
Lunch was spent over looking the ocean and just enjoying each other.
I think both girls miss their sister.
After delivering LPP to her early morning train, Sugar Plum Fairy and I packed up and started our long trek home. 
A normally 2 3/4 hour drive took 4 hours. 
We encountered road construction, speeds under 20MPH  and closed off-ramps. 
The closed off-ramp forced us to travel down the interstate 15 miles before the next ramp where we could turn around.
I was beginning to think that we had been meant to stay at the coast.

 THAT sure would have been nice.



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