Monday, October 5, 2015

A Rainy Festa

LPP and one of her attendants rose early on Sunday morning and got all dolled up and ready to participate in a Portuguese Festa Parade in a nearby town.
I had to send a photo to our eldest daughter, AKA Our Festa Hairstylist who deserted us to go to college.
We obtained her approval.
 As we caravanned down the road, this was our view.
Very soon, the sprinkles turned into something a bit more intense.
(And no, I am not driving)

Not very conducive to capes and dresses worth small fortunes.
We all sat in our cars in the parking lot texting each other until official word came down that the parade was indeed not happening. 
 Once that occurred, we sent our attendant, her sweet and understanding family and our flag carrier on their merry ways. 
We visited with a cousin and then attended the Mass before driving back to the hall for Sopas!
The Senior Queen and one of her attendants (who live in this town) posed for the requisite photo.
While I feel badly for the Committee that puts so much work into the festivities, I think everyone was grateful for the rain.
At this point, no one really wants to look a gift horse in the mouth.
After the rain passed. everything sparkled. 
The blue sky.
The green trees and bright flowers. 
The sun spread such a gorgeous golden cast on everything it was hard to be anything but thankful.

And thankful we are.

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Michelle said...

So nice to see the rain!!