Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Look Back

This week has been beating my behind for some reason.
I just can't seem to get caught up on anything.
 I still have to alter SPF's Halloween costume for her carnival tomorrow, bake cakes for the cake walk and, because apparently a month ago during sign ups, I was feeling organized and powerful, I offered to make cookies as well. 
I don't bake.
Remind me NOT to do that again.
Parent/teacher conferences are this week as well which means SPF is dismissed from school almost two hours earlier than normal.
That always seems to throw a wrench into my schedule.
I have been working on our bookshelf wall and in doing so, havealso been sorting through shoe boxes of photos. 
There have been a lot of fun ones.
We harvested last Saturday and I found a picture of our very first harvest 12 years ago. 
These photos happen to be taken in the same row as well.
Look how much larger the trees are and how much more shade they provide.
The difference in nut yield is more helpful as well. 
 I posted this year's photo on Instagram showing what college tuition looks like.
Well, at least a portion of it.
           Happy Thursday!

If you ever wondered what a walnut shaker does, here you go. 
This literally makes the glasses in the cabinets rattle.

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