Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Look Back

It is funny to me that when I do these "Throw Back Thursday" type posts, it seems as though I JUST put together the previous week. 
It is just another example how quickly time passes.
Let's look back, shall we?
October 17, 2014
Every October, I seem to complain about the weather. 
Maybe I should go out and BUY maters and make some jam this year since we had no garden.  Maybe THAT will get us into the 70's.
October 16, 2013
I have mentioned it before, but I do miss watching LPP play golf
Their practice course 4 days a week was 25 miles away.
 Many times, I took several girls up from school and then home.
When LPP was in band, two nights a week, I also prepared dinner for a friend and her to eat in the car on the way to band practice. 
It was  A LOT of driving, but the chatter in the car was worth it. 
Some great friends were made in those years.
October 15, 2012
When we were at the coast last weekend, we visited a local Farm Stand that has gobs and gobs of pumpkins and gourdes of all shapes and sizes.

   I bought just a few small items and will head back to our local patch for our big pumpkins.
October 15, 2011
Good grief! 
Time is passing quickly, but when I saw this post from 4 years ago, I was reminded how similar things still are.
I FINALLY stopped vacillating and painted my front door the high gloss black. 
 I adore it and don't even mind the dents.
We, again, don't have a dishwasher. 
Actually, we do.
 It is just residing in the garage until I figure out how to clean the filtering system of sand. 
Having a domestic well on the fritz wrecks havoc on appliances. 
While I am not making SPF's Halloween costume from scratch this year, I do have to make some alterations on a thrift store dress to make it age appropriate.
October 12, 2010
The first thing that caught my eye in this post were the training wheels. 
 I barely remember those days.
The field that had the Black Eyed peas are now an orchard of walnut trees. 
The field to the left of the pecans are now also in walnuts.
 They are pretty, but I liked the open fields. 
Happy Thursday!

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Michelle said...

It is always strange to me when I start reflecting back that the events seem like yesterday.