Friday, September 11, 2015

Where Were You?

I think we all can remember the moment we learned of the attach on our country 14years ago.
We lived in town and I had the news on my little TV in the kitchen while I was making breakfast. The disbelief and horror of what I was watching still seems fresh.
I remember taking Lollipop Pop to preschool and her teachers attempting to reach loved ones on the East Coast.
I remember sitting in front of the TV with tears running down my face all day and then trying to explain what had happened to our kidnicks that night. 
The other thing that I remember is the massive amount of American Patriotism and Comradery I felt shortly after the attacks. 
Flags were everywhere.
On cars...houses, businesses, lapels.
We felt a sense of oneness that often only seems to occur after a tragedy.
We must get that sense of togetherness back and we must never, ever forget what was done to our country on that September day.

Where were you?
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