Saturday, September 5, 2015

Thank You

When I was growing up, we were taught to respect our policemen.
It has always been a part of the thread that make me who I am.
  I remember a time when I was little, driving to Nice or Lucerne in Lake County...probably to swim lessons and there was a car in front of us swerving all over the road.
I remember a CHP heading toward us, in the opposite direction and my Mom waving her hands and pointing to the erratic car. 
Sure enough, Mr. CHP turned his car around, passed us and pulled that car over.
 I remember thinking how awesome it was...
1. that my mom thought quickly enough to do something and
2. that the officer deciphered wacky hand motions and reacted.
That memory pops into my head whenever I am following some dingleberry on the road and it was eons ago!
Very cool.
With much of news today, one would think that most officers are bad apples.
That could be no further from the truth.
There are bad doctors,
bad teachers,
bad parents,
bad presidents. 
But they are not the majority.
They are simply that...a bad apple.
This fact should not taint the rest of the batch.
The road from our driveway to SPF's school is a well travelled road that often times has people in a hurry to get where they are going.
Yesterday morning, I passed on CHP handing out a ticket. 
Yay, I thought.
As I got closer to the stop sign, I saw another officer sitting on the side of the road. 
As I approached him, I gave a "thumbs up" and expressed my happiness to SPF that people might just slow down a bit.
 I did this before I got to his car, but as I passed, he gave me a "peace sign".  
 When I put my thumb up. I wasn't even thinking he would see it in his mirror.
 I was doing it for myself.
What he saw was a "thank you".
It made my day.
Maybe his as well. 
He IS appreciated.
He IS respected.
We ARE grateful for all that they, along with the police and sheriff, do for us. 
 Returning home, I heard this from Paul Harvey.
 These words still hold true..

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