Saturday, September 19, 2015

Perfection in the Imperfect

Because my sister was coming to help me last weekend, I invited her family to dinner. 
 I also invited our parents. 
Sugar Plum Fairy's attendants were invited as well. 
In my mind, I had a perfect family gathering envisioned.
Complete with all the kidnicks laughing and playing together while the adult folk sat around the table solving the world's problems.
Dinner would be easy...Mexican Lasagna was already in the freezer from my last mass cooking operation.
I would make the easiest cornbread muffins on the planet and throw together a salad.
Easy Peasy.
As the week unfolded, my idea of perfection was altered.
Chris had made plans he couldn't change.
 LPP and my nephew are away at college.
My brother in law and niece were unable to make it.
Life happened.
That's a good thing.
Rather than focusing on what my idea of perfect was, I chose to focus on what was before me.
My favorite sister on the planet sharing "mean big sister" stories with SPF and her friends.
My parents, enjoying dinner with us.
My hubby and my sister poking fun at each other.
Three 10 year old professional gigglers.
Would I have loved everyone in our family to be there?
But finding the perfection in the imperfections of our lives is the true gift.
  And the cornbread muffins? 
 I have mentioned before that I am not a baker as proven here  and here.
That fact was proven once again.
But, by serving the mangled muffins and crumbling the rest in a bag for the freezer, I saw and enjoyed the perfection in this imperfection.
I now have cornbread crumbs ready to top something or other in the future and the recipe really is yummy.
Have you found the perfection in the imperfect recently?

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