Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Number 14!

A friend recently posted a link to the "Top 15 Small Cities in California". 
She posted it because smack dab in the middle at #8, is a town just down the road here and where she lived much of her youth. 
I agree that Exeter is a terrific town!. 
In fact, we very seriously considered moving there before we ultimately chose this house instead. 
My only jab at the article is the fact that it mentions Exeter is a coastal town. 
 Hmmm...I wish!
While I tend to be on a but of a negative soap box regarding my state right, there are some wonderful gems here.
As my snail speed server was downloading (or uploading) the photo of #14, I recognized it...
 pixel by pixel.
The place where my Dad went to high school.
A place of my childhood.
The place where stairs led the way from Grandma's house to town.
The home of the best water on the planet.
It has seen tough times, but seems to be on the upward swing again and that makes me happy.

Number 7, Montague, is also in that same area.
My happy place.
I have been to quite a few of the towns, but number 10 left me flummoxed.
El Segundo.
Where LAX is.
I never would have qualified it as a small town, but then again I have been wrong before!
If you are familiar with California, what are your thoughts on the list?
Are there any places they missed or just got wrong?


Michelle said...

I have traveled quite a bit, but not made it out to California. I will take your trusted word for it!

Anonymous said...

I have only been to California for a layover to Hawaii. I've always wanted to travel there. Maybe someday on a vacation once these girls are done with travel ball. I love small towns and would love to visit some there. :)