Friday, September 18, 2015


I miss green.
As most people are aware, California is in a drought. 
It's scary bad.
The dilemma we have, on the domestic front, is what do we try and save in the yard. 
The grass is gone...crispy and ugly. 
The Poplar Trees are basically giant weeds anyway and will come back...or new ones will take their place.
They started dropping their leaves two months ago, which is unheard of. 
We are trying to keep the bigger trees alive as they are not only pretty, they offer shade to the house as well as animals.
The poor tree that Hubby raised from a baby has made it known that the water from the 5 gallon bucket in my shower was not enough...although the grass surrounding it is green.
Last week, we noticed the olive trees in the front yard looking sad and dry. 
Hubby hooked up a fire hose to the orchard irrigation and doused the front yard and trees.
 It was not a lot of water, but within two days, the grass began singing "Hallelujah" and thanking him by turning soft and green.
Suckers began sprouting from the trees with gratitude.
 We use water differently now. 
 In the past, we would hose off a table or chairs in the middle of the yard without much thought.
 Now, we do so next to a plant or tree. 
The wisteria thanked us for that by perking up and blooming in September.

 I neglected to de-spidered some rubber boots last weekend by a plant as I filled each boot with water. I de-spider boots by drowning said spider. 
Anyway I did this in the grass and now have one spot of green in the back. 
 It doesn't take much for green to appear. 
Green makes me happy.

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Michelle said...

I do wish you would get some rain. I know your state is in a sad situation.