Friday, September 4, 2015

Festa #2

After getting our oldest girl moved in and settled last week, we drove home, attended a wonderful birthday party for 80 year old twins who have done so much for others and then decided it would be a good idea to get up before the sun and drive to southern California for a parade. 
 We really wanted to attend this Festa because we have family there who are always so supportive of us.
They are also pretty great people.
With all of the activities that led up to Sunday, we decided that we would not take the attendants.
It was going to be just a quick trip down and back. 
My Festa closet and Master Packing list worked perfectly. 
With the truck loaded after the party, we were ready
 .I was reminded just how much LPP will be missed this year, when I had to do hair. 
Ughghgh...I did send a picture to her and was given a seal of approval.
There was a bit of hurry up and wait, but we were able to visit with cousins, which was nice.
 And spending time with your big brother can be fun, too.
These three were so cute.
I was trying to get a shot of a cousin's child but missed her.
They were involved with the Chino Festa which was the host town.

The parade began in the morning for the first time.
It seems that it used to start mid afternoon, but with temps often hovering well above 100*'s, someone got smart and switched it.
The parade meandered through neighborhoods to the church and in spots were lovely and tree lined. 
These trees always take me back to the Azores and Ti Jose's home.
I was surprised there weren't more spectators along the way...
...but there were quite a few waiting for the return at the hall grounds.
Including this guy.
photo blatantly stolen from his FB account. 

It was a long and tiring day, but well worth it. 
 SPF had fun.
She and the Senior Queen did a terrific job representing Pismo Beach.

 AND, we got to give this man hugs. 
Highlight of the day!

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