Monday, September 7, 2015

California Grown

 Labor Day always meant the end of summer for us. 
We watched the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.
We swam in the pool that "last" time.
I  remember it pouring down rain one year and my mom racing to the store to buy boxes of raisins because the price would soon go through the roof.
Around here, nowadays, school has been in session for nearly a month already.
Today is just another day, LPP is not only away at school, she has classes.
Chris is off from work and school and is coming to help in our orchard.
Harvest will be here soon.
California Grown Walnuts.
Thought it would be fun to share three other California Grown nuts we raised and are raising.
Good Golly, Miss Molly...time has flown.

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Michelle said...

We have also been in school for about a month. Just another day to accomplish a few things. Nice picture of your sweet children.