Wednesday, September 2, 2015


It's done.
Her room is quiet...and clean...and quiet.
In 2 1/2 weeks, she has camped in Santa Barbara and on the Channel Islands.
She has rock climbed, kayaked, hiked, registered for classes and ordered textbooks.
She has dropped and added classes...returned books and ordered more.
She has made new friends.
She has attended Mass at the Santa Barbara Mission and written her resume.
 She has fallen in love with her academic advisor and received first day of school cookies from her Aunt.
Her head must be spinning at this moment.
I know mine is.
The car was loaded last week and we went to meet her for her official move in day and orientation.
SPF got to go with us as she had never been on campus before and we needed her approval.
 It was granted.
LPP is in a room with two other sweet young ladies and while a tight fit, I think they will manage.

There were question and answer sessions for parents while students were gathering together and doing their own thing for two days.
 I have now set foot on this campus three times and each time I am more impressed. 
   It is truly a place of family and community. 
And it is so pretty.
And hilly.
  The administration takes an active and very personal role with each of these students.
The President spoke to Lollipop Pop and remembered what her career path was to be.
 He contacted two of the advisors in her program and one was in contact with her immediately.
A personal E-Mail want sent on Monday wishing her a good first day of school, as well.
Makes this Mama's heart worry a bit less.
Mail boxes were checked.
Respites from the unseasonably warm weather were taken in air conditioned buildings.
On Friday, family and  students (freshman and transfer) met in the gym for the Service of Commitment.
This is symbolic of what will happen in 4 years upon graduation.
The families sat in the bleachers while the students sat in the center of the gym.
 Faculty, decked out in their robes and sashes were seated in front. 
There were powerful hymns sung and prayers spoken...
...for the students...
...for the faculty...
...for the families.
It was beautiful.
 And moving.
And goose bumpy.
At the end, the bagpipers entered.
Playing Amazing Grace.
You may remember that it is my favorite hymn.
I also always cry when I hear it.
Add Scottish bagpipes and I was a goner.
Had I been alone, it would have been an ugly cry.
BUT, I gathered my wits and held it together.
The pipers let the faculty, followed by the students out of the gym and up the meandering paths to the vast lawn at the top of campus.
The families then followed.
As we walked toward our students, the path was lined with current students.
Greeting us.
Thanking us.
Cheering us.
Sometimes fanning us with binders in the 90+ temps.
Telling us there would now be more food in our refrigerators.
As we reached the end at the top of the hill, the faculty was lined up doing the same thing.
LPP's advisor remembered my Hubby and promised to take care of our girl.
The President shook our hands and offered  kind and encouraging words. 
It was so special.
If there had been any twinges of doubt, they were erased.
This place is where our girl belongs.
She will be challenged but supported in ways we had not imagined when this journey began.

That knowledge made driving away a bit easier.


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