Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Month-ish of Instagram

It has been awhile since I sorted through my Instagram photos and the general theme this time seems to have been the heat.
It has been a doozy of a summer around here. 
July and August were horrendous.
We participate in our power company's AC cycling program.
That means during high demand times, we have agreed to let them turn off our AC for up to 4 hours a day, several times a year.
 In return, we save a bit of money. 
They cycled us off 3 out of four days in a row.
 We melted. 
We have, in the past, gone out to dinner during these times...problem is, there goes our meager savings. 
 It's a dilemma!
The people who enter the temps at the weather channel must be thinking those same cooling, wishful thoughts.
For several days, I had been looking forward to the promised 84 degrees on Tuesday....
Didn't happen...we topped out at 99 yesterday.
I have been busy and have actually been able to work on some projects that have been in my mind for some time.
The laundry room rug has been painted and I love it!
I just need to get my act together and finish painting the cabinets.
The first couple weeks that LPP was away at school, texts would come to me with,
"I need my calculator".
Followed by me sending pics to her of the various calculators in her desk until the correct one was found.
 I also stuck little notes in her bags before she left. 
Words of encouragement that she would find in the coming weeks.
One was found in her shoe 1.5 HOURS after she put them on.
This girl is IN college.
She seems to be adjusting to her new digs quite well. 
 She is joining in and making new friends and taking advantage of all that this college has to offer.
 She even participated in my dear friends' re-enactment of  The Amazing Race.
It doesn't seem possible that this little baseball girl of yesteryear is forging her own path and enjoying every minute of it.
Fun stuff, I tell you.

Sweet gifts from friends have made this transition easier for me. 
 Tears of gratitude at the thoughtfulness of these words soothed my soul.

Spending the day with our oldest and our youngest was one of the best in recent memory. 
Red Velvet cheesecake makes everything better.

The last month has seen our air quality dip into the dangerously bad range. 
 The forest fires, high temps and stagnant air made breathing difficult.
 Sporting events were cancelled and people were encouraged to stay indoors. 
 Not good at mid morning and this is all you can see of the sun. 

Thankfully, we did get a weather system that passed through a week and a half ago. 
 It was a slow, but steady, sprinkle for several hours. 
No puddles or measurable amounts at our place. but the dust was washed off of everything and blue skies returned again.
I must say that I was unaware that rainfall amounts were kept in the year 1013. 

I have a slightly large project in the works. 
I am hoping that it will celebrate my love for books.
Over the summer, I discovered this one.
 For those of you who know my Dad, it intrigues me.
Another book thought...WHY would the library place their stamp on the page that has text and not on the facing page that does not?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Our youngest has always liked to cook, but that desire is growing recently. 
She always asks to help and wants to plan meals. 
She even recently arranged the flowers for dinner on her own. 
4-H has begun and I fear October is going to fly by in a flash. 
 SPF's cake and photos all did well at the County Fair.
A friend of mine in Chicago asked if she could donate Chuckwagon Breakfast tickets (this link is to LAST year's breakfast)  to either a Senior Citizen or Veteran's group in our area.
  I called a sweet man (although he might scoff at me calling him sweet), who is very involved with the American Legion. 
He was so touched when I called to share the idea with him. 
SPF delivered the tickets after school that day and he shared with his American Legion friends that evening..
It amazes me how far a small act of kindness goes.

With LPP and her friends away in college, the USPS has been working overtime. 
Both directions.  
There is nothing better than a package from your big sister filled with a game and BUBBLE WRAP.
Her favorite!
Unless, of course, it is homemade brownies as requested.

Did you know that you can have your Instagram pics made into books?
Pretty inexpensively, too.
I need to check it out.
What a random and varied post this has been. 
If you are still here, I thank you!


Michelle said...

Love the Challenge Butter. Bakes up so well. Cannot believe they cycle the AC off at 4 in the afternoon. What a hot time!

Anonymous said...

That rug is adorable!!!