Monday, August 3, 2015

Travelling to Italy through our Tummies

SPF cooked inner for us on Friday and I must say, I was pretty impressed. 
 She came up with the table setting on her own and knew what she wanted to serve for the most part. 
We had seen an episode on TV with the Moroccan Chocolate Mousse and it seemed worthy to be added to her Italian themed dinner. 
Same side of the planet after all.
I taught her how to make shavings and she piped the mousse into little teeny cups that had been my Mom's like a pro.
I must say it was delicious...and pretty...and rich...and yummy!

  SPF really wanted to make cheese ravioli...from scratch. 
We learned together. 
We also decided that hauling my Kitchenaid pasta making attachment out and reading the instructions, might have been an easier path.
We used another of Giada's recipes for the pasta and the filling from another.
We had a hard time getting the pasta rolled to a super thin sheet, but in the end they worked. 
 And it was fun.     

  SPF said the precooked ravioli looked like camels. 
We weren't sure if we had enough to feed everyone, so we used the remaining filling into premade jumbo shells to be sure. 
It wasn't necessary. 
Our 10 year old also learned to brown butter with pinenuts.
 She added a tomato and fresh mozzarella salad, Italian bread and all was tasty and pretty.

SPF began the evening with a savory cheesecake
She learned how to cook with a water bath and displayed the crackers on a platter in a lovely was.
We all left stuffed to the gills and proud of our girl..
I wonder where she will take us next time.

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Michelle said...

I am impressed! Sounds/looks like a great meal!