Sunday, August 23, 2015

These Three Friends

Back in May when we were asked if our youngest would like to be nominated for Pismo Beach's Junior Queen, I will be honest, I was not fully on board. 
It was not great timing for our family...with my mother in law's
It was a bit overwhelming.
 But I knew how important this tradition was and I truly was honored that our daughter was asked to be included. 
 Once we made the commitment to proceed, attendants were asked.
These two girls were at the top of the list for several reasons. 
They have been friends since kindergarten.
 They are polite and well mannered. 
 They get along and are a bit nutty. 
The perfect fit for us!
  Our first jaunt together was to the Garment District for dresses.
The second adventure we had was to the beach.
It was on this trip that I learned a lot. 
I learned that these girls really get along well. 
Often times, three can be tricky.
From time to time, two would be talking or walking together and the third was chatting with me or something.
What I noticed, though was that it was never the same two together.
There was never one feeling left out.
 It was natural and easy to be around.
And did I mention they are nutty?
We stayed, with the girls, at friends' house last weekend and I must say that Mr. and Mrs. M. treated ALL of us like the queen! 
 Dinner and breakfast were prepared for us before the various events. 
The girls were given their own room in which they could relax, play or sleep.
It was wonderful.  
 The view was not bad either.
Prior to their first "official"  event, we had a photo shoot.
This was on the way to eating steaks at the Portuguese Grounds.
It is amazing what this group does for the community.
Saturday they served a steak lunch.
To anyone.
For a donation...or not.
Doesn't matter.
Impromptu clapping games and much laughter occurred before the food was served. 
Strangers smiled and complimented them as they passed.

Then it was on to practicing for the Grand March.
The Grand March is a choreographed, (kind of) follow the leader dance that includes last year's queens as well as this year's and their courts.
Kids from 9ish through high school.
While we did not choose to have a court, we did have the three sweetest boys come who would be escorts for the evening. 
Two boys from school and one cousin. 
The city was supposed to have met us there to open the Veteran's Hall doors...but they were a no show for more than an hour. 
 Everyone was patient and made the best of it.

When everyone started to melt and the key still had not arrived, practice began outside.
At first it appeared akin to herding cats.
 But after a bit, order began to take shape.


The key finally arrived and a quick run through inside helped. 
 That evening proved to be more fun that I imagined. 
The only other Grand March I had been to was this one where I was fretting over my son.
The wariness of holding a boy's arm was quickly forgotten and the girls had a ball.
Just look at those faces!
  I must say that as soon as it was over, we all hightailed it to the cool air outside for a bit.
 These three friends.
They make me happy.
I will post pictures from the parade on Sunday soon.
But for now we will skip to Monday's fun.
This Festa does things a bit differently than others with their timeline. 
The Grand March is typically held on Sunday night AFTER the parade.
 But there are so many folks who travel quite a distance for this Festa AND school begins so much earlier than in years past, the Grand March is the night prior to the parade, allowing for families to travel home Sunday afternoon if they need.
We decided that as Queen, our girl would miss school on Monday in order to make an appearance at the final lunch.
Her attendants' parents made the same decision.
At this point, the girls are getting tired.
We parents are getting tired.
But no one would have known that by looking at them.
And they all announced that the stew served was amazing!
Hubby and I presented these sweet necklaces to each girl before the festivities began.

 I pray this will always be the case.



Ann said...

What happy, laughing faces on those three lovely young ladies. Participating in the Festa will provide wonderful memories all their lives and each time they remember, the smiles and laughter will return. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us.

Melinda said...

What an incredibly sweet opportunity!I love that necklaces!