Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Power of Family Meals

Last week, I asked LPP to name 3 dinners that she wanted before she left for school. 
 Of the three, two are easy to make, but take FOREVER. 
 Hence the reason we don't have them often enough for her liking. 
I then got the calendar out and actually marked when we were having what and went to work.
The Mexican Lasagna came from Pioneer Woman way back when.
The recipe, as written, makes at least 2 large pans, but since doubling it is no extra work, I did so.  Now I have meals in the freezer.
The Swiss Chard and Sweet Pea Manicotti recipe was found years ago. 
Lollipop Pop made it for the first time during our International Dinner night and it became one of her favorites.
Again, I doubled the recipe and have dinners ready for those crazy school nights that will be upon us in no time.
The third dinner requested was one that is prepared by her Daddy. 
 Meat Pancakes.
Go with me here.
 Don't look away.
These are yummy.
Pancakes made with hot dog circles mixed in. 
The best part though?
Making a half circle of ketchup on the plate to form a dam of sorts. 
 In the dam...Worcestershire Sauce. 
Tearing off piece of hot dog studded pancake and dipping into the ketchup and Worcestershire together?
It has been a week of yummy food and time spent together as a family. 
After this week, things will change.
Not for the worse or better.
 Just change.
Being able to prepare favorite meals was more than just eating good was a way to prepare ourselves for those changes. 
I know that when we eat the meals in the freezer, we will think of our girl.
When any of our kidnicks make Meat Pancakes for themselves, they will think of their Dad.
The memories that we have made over the years at our family table are strong and hold great power.
I am proud of that.

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