Friday, August 28, 2015

Stashing the Stuff

There have been many things we learned in the past few months regarding Festas.
 It is not just as simple as,
 Junior Queen!
Pretty dress and crown!
Custom made cape! 
 The most recent revelation is where to stash all the stuff?
This location in our entryway worked for a time, but really limits visitors.
I wanted to try and hang the cape up in my front closet, but it is too stinkin' wide!
 So...the cape is wrapped and under LPP's bed.
But what to do with the American, Portuguese and Pismo flags...
the statues, the crowns, the parade dresses AND hoops, the after parade dresses, sashes and sign.
There is a lot of STUFF
I decided that I could take my sewing machine down and add some hooks and hangers in the front closet.
Everything Festa related is in here and ready to go as we attend parades.  
I even laminated my master list to check items off  as they get loaded in the car.
I have a fix-it box with pins, thread, glue gun as well as a hair box with bands,  bobby pins and hair spray ready.
This way I won't have to pack that stuff each and every time we go.
It should work.
I hope it works.
I'll let you know next week!

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Michelle said...

Wow! I am impressed!