Monday, August 10, 2015

Quarters and Figs

There are things that spark memories of people I miss.
People who are no longer with us. 
 Pears take me back to my first boyfriend...when I was four.
This rose brings my father in law to the forefront of my mind.
Figs and quarters have become the memory spark of my mother in law for me. 
Michael shared a bit of the quarter story at her funeral and there has not been a roll of quarters held in the past 27 years of my life that I have not thought of her.

She adored figs and at this time of year, there was always a plate of them on the counter and being shared with anyone who walked in the door. 
I used to make her fig jam and I have been watching her tree this summer.
I had a plan and I was on a mission.
 I finally enough to make a batch with just her figs. 
 I will be making another batch today with figs from her tree as well as the beautiful purple figs from my parents' tree.
Every "first" is hard after someone dies. 
 We have a lot of "firsts" coming this year, and today would have been her 92nd birthday. 
 Our first without her.
Baba's birthday 2014
Remembering the things that she loved and the things that she did for others keeps her close to our hearts.
Happy Birthday, Baba.

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