Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Thing

I have a thing.
A thing for steps.
And a thing for family.
A thing for how family and steps are connected through generations.
The steps that I ran over everyday for 6 years as a Ranger's daughter.

These steps were the foundation for first day of school pictures with best friends.
I also made my children sit in the spot that I spent hours and hours playing when I was little.
Not sure I shared the fact that I also used to put things down the metal pipe that anchored this sign in place. 
 I  learned that when your Dad pours water into the said pipe, the wiffle bat will float magically up to the top and be able to be retrieved...probably just to be dropped in again.

In Fossil, Oregon., I felt the connection to my great grandparents through the steps they built as immigrants to America. 
My grandparent's steps in Dunsmuir immediately transport me back to my childhood...the seemingly mountainous stairs that led to loving arms and the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that have no equal.
 Even the steps on the home I lived in until age 4 in Mt. Shasta hold power for me.
There are another set of steps in our life.
The steps to nowhere.
These are at my Hubby's parents' home.
They used to be attached to a mobile home that my sister-in-law lived in for a time. 
But as long as I have been in the picture, they have stood alone.
They have been the spot in which to sit and chat.
Reflect and discuss.
They have also been the jumping off point in many young lives over the years.
These two are leaving for college this month.
  But the steps to nowhere.
Things are changing as they always do.
Changes can be hard.
I don't know if these will remain in anything other than our memories.
With LPP leaving for college, I wanted to preserve as many of those memories as possible for myself and my little family.
Steps...family...it's my thing.

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Anonymous said...

What a great post. This made me cry. Look at how grown up your kids are!! Unreal.