Friday, August 14, 2015

How'd We Do?

School began yesterday for Sugar Plum Fairy.
The first time since Chris was in the2nd grade that there has only been one child in the first day of school picture.
Since LPP is leaving this afternoon, she got up early to do her little sister's hair.
It was sweet.
And bittersweet.
 We had grand plans at the beginning of the summer when we made our to do board. 
SPF won a pass to Magic Mountain and we planned on spending the day there...until I priced the other tickets we would need. 
Didn't happen. 
The dinner party only happened if I count the delicious dinner we had at my parents' home this week. 
 I'm counting it.
It was fun.
And long overdue.
We didn't have a Bon Fire or Star Gazing. 
 I think we will save those for when it gets a bit cooler.
All in all, not bad. 
As sad as I am that school starts in August, I feel this is going to be a good year. 
Lots of fun things on the horizon.

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Michelle said...

We also missed a few things on our summer to do list, but it was still good. Best of luck to your young lady for a great year!!!!!