Friday, August 21, 2015

Helping our Firefighters

Watching the news recently has been bleak. 
The fires that are encompassing much of the western states is frightening.
  Firefighters from other countries are here to battle with us as well as our own military.
 Washington is asking for and accepting firefighting help from local citizens for the first time in history and entire towns are being evacuated. 
 Homes that have been in families for generations are being threatened.
Rough Fire at Hume Lake from my brother-in-law.
Combine the facts that underbrush and dead trees have not been allowed to be cleared out with the severe drought we are enduring and we now have a recipe for disaster.
 That disaster is growing by the minute.
People are dying.
What can we do? 
Pray for the strength and safety of our firefighters.
 Pray for rain.
Pray for the proper management of our forests in the future.
Pray constantly.
The Wildland Firefighter Foundation is another way we can help.
This non profit organization offers financial aid to injured wildland fire fighters and their families.
  It may come in the form of  assistance with therapy after a severe injury.
 It may come to family members in the form of a plane ticket to the bedside of their loved one.
The children of a fallen firefighter may receive a Christmas sponsorship. 
Unless we are in the direct path of a raging fire, it is easy to forget those who are risking their lives on our behalf.
 Let's not.
Let's help.


Michelle said...

I know this is a difficult time. Prayers.

Pam said...

Hi. My son, a fireman with the City of Orange, has been up by Redding fighting a wildfire for over a week. He will be there at least two weeks and may be transferred to another fire. He is away from his wife and our 19 month old grandson. (He played trumpet in the Monache band & I have fond memories working with your folks fitting uniforms and chaperoning trips.) A friend's daughter's husband, a fireman with the city of Tulare, is at the fire at Hume Lake. His wife and two pre-schoolers are home without their daddy. Thank you for this post. Many prayers for these heroes and their families. ~My friend Lorna told me about your blog, and I have enjoyed reading about you and your family.
Sincerely, Pam Bradley