Saturday, August 15, 2015

Festas of the Past

Since I am certain I will be bombarding this blog with Festa tales next week, I thought sharing some photos when Lollipop Pop was in a court way back when would be fun.
 I believe she was 4 and a half.
Since she was a member of the Junior Queen's court, she and her brother both participated in the Grand March in Tipton. 
SPF will not have a court this weekend, but she and her attendants will have escorts for the Grand March.
We are so grateful for the three families who are sharing their sons with us. 
This is a tough weekend, since school is in session for all involved.
Plans were changed to accommodate us. 
It is just another example of how important these celebrations are in the Portuguese community. 
 It is heartwarming.
My niece and nephew were also in the court for the Tipton queen  and it was during this trip to Pismo to the celebration that we found the house that would eventually become the family's vacation home. 
Time has sure flown!

This lady would have loved to be with us this year as royalty of sorts.
She would have loved to see the girls dressed in their finery.
Her heart would swell with pride as these two boys carry the American and Portuguese Flags in the parade.
That knowledge will be a comfort to us, I am sure.

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