Friday, August 7, 2015

Bowling Fun

SPF asked last spring if we could go bowling over the summer. 
Of course, I replied!
At the time, two months of freedom lay before us. 
Fast forward to this week.
Ummm..yes....let's see...we have two days to choose from that are free before school begins.
Summer flew past.
Time is nearly out.
We made plans to pick up my nephew. 
This guy leaves for college this month as well. 

Spending time with him always makes us smile and bowling was no different.
 Although after each of my throws, I turned around to he and my eldest daughter chuckling.
 No one will fess up as to the reason.
I will continue to believe it was out of pure joy and not my amazing bowling form!
SPF got off to a rough start...those pins are A LONG way away, but the first time they were knocked down by her ball, the smile was priceless.

What a fun bit of time together.
 Not sure why we don't do this more often.
While the scores reflect our obvious lack of talent in the bowling arena, they do show that I, ML, beat those chuckling teens!