Monday, August 31, 2015

Bittersweet Monday

The piles are gone.
The Festa closet was put to the test yesterday and worked like a charm.
After very long day in Southern California...
 ...everything was easily placed back were it belonged and is ready to go for the next parade.
The week long camping trip that LPP went on is over and was a great success,
She made new friends who will play a part in her next four years.
  And the official move in day to college is over and done with.
There will be more on that as soon as I can wrap my brain around it.
It was amazing.
It was inspiring.
It was fun.
It was hot.
And it came far to quickly.
BUT, I have my living room back.
Bittersweet, indeed.


Melinda said...

Rest and enjoy the quiet today. Do something special for yourself- you've earned it! Well done mama!

Michelle said...

I think a long spa day is in order for you!