Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Be Careful What You Ask For

Be careful what you post on Facebook. 
It may just grow into something you didn't see coming.
A friend did that last week. 
 Diane and an her husband lived in the mountains as caretakers to a youth camp on a lake until Bruce's untimely death two years ago.
 When they lived in the mountains, and there was a forest fire, Diane did what she knew.
She baked..
...and cooked
...and helped feed firefighters.
Although she is a valley dweller now, her heart is in the mountains with the fire fighters. 
 She wanted to help. 
She innocently asked if any of her friends would like to help by baking cookies for the fire fighters.  Yes, we would.
She found out where she could take items and what was needed.
Pretty soon, she had gobs of goodies promised. 
 SPF and I made Peanut Krispies
(I used my Krispy Kritter recipe without the chocolate. I also added whole peanuts for more protein) and prepared individual bags of dried fruit.  
As I delivered my offerings to Diane yesterday, she received a phone call. 
From a news station in Fresno.
 It seems her Daddy was so proud of her efforts that he shared it.
Diane begrudgingly agreed that they could come to her house and interview her. 
Begrudgingly, because she did not do any of this for attention on herself.
She simply wanted to help.
The sheer number of people who felt the same way was overwhelming.
And humbling.
This woman has amazing friends and lots of them.
It is a true testament to her nature and I KNOW that Bruce is smiling down on her.
You can see the interview here.

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